Oily Hair? I Got You.

I am one of those unlucky girls who has thin hair that requires regular washing. Even when I wash my hair at night, I would still feel a bit uneasy about leaving my house the following morning without another shampooing. This is why dry shampoo is my new best friend! I have tried many, and today I bring you three of the very best out there.

Furterer Paris: This stuff is pure magic. Magic in a dark green bottle. I found out about this brand when I was researching dry shampoos online, and I am sure glad I did. This product does not leave any weird white residue (I had this problem with Tresemme), adds volume, and leaves hair shiny and not the least bit weighed down. Furterer is more expensive than drugstore brands at $24, but in my opinion it is well worth the extra cash.  

Redken Powder Refresh: Another great find that absorbs oil and doesn’t leave white residue behind (I rhymed! hah..I’m lame). The 3.4oz bottle is $17.99, which is a better buy than Furterer’s 3.2oz. I still prefer Furterer’s product because I can go two days without shampooing when I have that handy, but Redken’s Powder Refresh is a close second.

got2b Dry Shampoo: Head over to the drugstore for this $5.99 bottle (with 4.3oz of product!!). This stuff is great for when you’re low on cash, however, I do find that it weighs hair down a bit. Despite this drawback, I’d prefer it any day to Tresemme’s formula. 

Which brand of dry shampoo do you prefer?


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