The BEST Cream Cheek & Lip Tint. Ever.


There are quite a few beauty products on the market that claim to work as a cheek and lip tint rolled up into one cute little package. Most of these, however, do not live up to their name. Usually I find that if it is perfect as a blush, then it is incredibly drying on the lips. If it is nice on the lips, then it is too sticky or tacky on the cheeks. But, alas! I have found one cheek & lip tint that melts into both the lips and cheeks: Le Metier De Beaute’s Creme Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek.

These gorgeous little pots of magic contain the creamiest formula that when patted onto the cheek creates a serious lit from within look that lasts all. day. long. They are unscented, which is a major plus for those of you out there who are averse to sweet/floral makeup scents. They are also super pigmented, so with the tiniest amount of product you will achieve a beautiful pop of color on the cheeks. When applied to the lips, the product glides on evenly and I find it to be very moisturizing. You can press the color into the lips for a natural effect, or build the color up for a more bold look.

Of course I just had to have more than one color so I have, ahem, three.

le metier open

Coral Nymph: my favorite of the bunch, this is a stunning warm coral that is perfect for summer.

Mystique: another beauty, this a pale pink with very fine shimmer running through it. I love pairing this shade with a smokey eye and nude lips.

Poppy: this warm pink is the first shade I purchased and it is a great one for everyday wear. It does a lovely job of brightening up the face!


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