Thoughts on Falsies


Up until recently, the only times I have worn false eyelashes were for dance competitions, or the few times I got my makeup professionally done for weddings I have attended. I never thought I would want to wear false lashes for a night out or any other special occasion – until I realized that individual lashes are available for sale in my local drugstores.

I think that full sets of lashes (strips) are great for brides and bridesmaids – but if you want to amp up your eye makeup for an event or night out that is less formal than a wedding, my lashes of choice are the Ardell Individuals. They come in sizes short, medium and long – the short length is great if you have decently long lashes and want to add volume, and the medium is perfect for adding extra length (I have not tried the long lashes as I feel they would be too long for me). I also love how these lashes look like they are part of your natural eyelashes; I have received compliments when I’ve worn them, and I don’t think anyone (except for maybe a professional makeup artist) would have any idea that you’re wearing false lashes!

To apply the individual lashes I use duo lash adhesive in the dark tone. I swear by this adhesive – I can wear the lashes for a full day and they won’t come off unless I take them off with makeup remover. Prior to application I always curl my lashes, and then add a coat of mascara. The technique that I use to apply the lashes is to put a small amount of the adhesive on my hand, wait about 30 seconds for it to go tacky, and then I hold the package upside down and pick up one lash at a time with a tweezer. I then drop the lash on top of my lashes (as close the my lash line as possible), starting from the middle of my lashes, moving outward. I normally use about 5 individual lashes for each eye – concentrating them at the middle and outer edge of my eyelashes. To further blend my natural lashes in with the falsies, I add another coat of mascara once I have applied the Ardell Individuals.

What are your thoughts on wearing false eyelashes?



  1. December 6, 2013 / 10:15 pm

    I like falsies that emphasise rather than look false. I’m not too good with strip lashes and I’m sure my hands are too shaky for individual lashes but you make it sound so easy!

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