Let’s Get It Together: Organizing Your Beauty Wardrobe

Lifestyle gurus will tell you how important it is to organize your life, chuck out the old stuff, declutter your unwanted bits and pieces and organize what’s left. Every aspect of life can benefit from these principles, including your make-up.

Fortunately there are many different types of cosmetic organizers which can make life much easier – different styles, types and sizes all designed to providing the perfect solution for your needs and requirements. Not only does this help you in your quest for a calm, organize and peaceful existence it also helps you to see your make up easily and grab your favorite pieces when you’re on the go – you’ll never see me leave the house without a lipstick [or 5]. 

Make Up Trays – are great if you’ve got the counter space for them – or perhaps dressing table surface space will do. They are usually made of plastic and divided into numerous sectors with a folding design so that you can have multiple tiers. These are great for professional makeup artists working in a beauty salon with separate compartments and plenty of space to keep everything separate – make up, make up brushes and all of the other paraphernalia needed. The major drawback of this type of organizer is that there isn’t a lid so the contents can get dusty and will need regular cleaning. You can fit loads of stuff into them but they are really designed to stay in one place and not be moved around.


Make Up Bags – are the perfect answer for people to transport few cosmetics around, you’ll probably find a makeup bag stuffed into every tote, purse and traveling bag with maximum accessibility. There is a drawback in the organization stakes – everything is generally lumped in together although some make up bags have a couple of pockets or zip compartments to keep things apart. A small make up bag is a good tool for busy girls on the go for taking their favorite cosmetics with them whilst leaving the bulk of their armory behind.

Make Up Cases – are the ultimate accessory for beauticians and professional makeup artists. They are pretty large and bulky but are perfect for keeping your cosmetics and tools clean, safe and separate whilst moving them around. They typically fold with drawers and shelves and are often manufactured from metal or plastic for durability and easy cleaning. Some large make up cases have handles and wheels for easy transportability – some are designed to stay put. There are some great ones at the Salon Outlet to give you some idea of what I’m talking about.

Hanging Make Up Organizers – are a fabulous way to save space whilst keeping your make up organized and handy. They can be hung from a hook or closet and help to keep counter space clear and uncluttered. This type of cosmetic organizer has lots of separate pockets to keep cosmetics and tools neat and easily accessible. These are a great method of keeping makeup, makeup brushes etc. clean, germ and bacteria free. These can sometimes be rolled up to be transported easily keeping your make up safe and organized.

The type of cosmetic organizer you choose really depends upon your needs and your budget. Whilst Make up bags and trays can be bought for only a few dollars the larger, more substantial makeup cases are a little more expensive but are well worth the extra bucks for professional makeup artists and beauticians.

With such a great choice of makeup organizers available at such a range of prices there really is no excuse to have cluttered up make up.

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