The Friday Catch-Up: Shameless Plugs, Eyeliner Love & Hauls!


Happy Friday! This week seriously flew by – does anyone else feel this way? Although my week was very busy, it was really awesome at the same time – see below for details. How have you guys been? Let me know in the comments!

Favorite Beauty Post: Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup wrote a kohl liner-dedicated post, in which she highlights her favorite liners for taking her makeup look from day to night in an instant. I now need a By Terry Ombre Blackstar more than ever.

Style Notes: Sincerely Jules is absolutely one of my favorite fashion bloggers – I love how well she incorporates both high and low-end pieces into every look. I am seriously crushing on her outfit in this white&black post.

Hauls!: I have two awesome hauls to check out this week – Amelia Liana’s beauty haul, and Tamira from Lipstick With Some Sunshine’s beauty + fashion haul . . . you know, just in case you find yourself at a mall this weekend and need a few ideas 😉

Shameless Plugs: Two things to share with you guys this week – 1. My favorite blogger, Kris of The Chic Wife, featured me on her site [link here]. I have been following her blog for a few years now, and she is one of the reasons why I decided to start my own site. 2. I decided to work with Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry brand that is sort of a direct sales business, and empowers women to succeed by giving them sales tools to build a prosperous business. Full disclosure – I became a merchandiser for the brand because, let’s be honest, I am in law school and not having an income is tough. More importantly, though, I really do appreciate how all of the jewelry is hand-crafted, and all of the pieces look very well-made. If you would like to check out any of the items, here is a link to my online boutique – I am happy to answer any questions.

I hope you guys had an awesome week – cheers to the weekend!


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