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Into The Gloss was one of the first beauty-related websites I ever visited, so I was really, really excited when I found out that the site’s founder, Emily Weiss, was launching a line. In creating  Glossier, Emily and her team set out to create a “highly edited collection of modern staples reflecting how you get ready every day,” starting with four products to create the perfect canvas.

I picked up three of the four products – the Priming Moisturizer, the Balm Dotcom [best name ever], and the Perfecting Skin Tint in Light. I was going to wait a bit longer to write a review, but after seeing the difference using these products has made with my skin already, I had to get it out there. My spots are very noticeably going away, my face is less red, and I now have zero dry patches – winning all around.

The moisturizer is really light-weight, scentless, and blends into skin so nicely, leaving a very subtle glow behind. I have been applying this both in the morning and in the evening after I wash my face, and I can’t even explain how smooth my skin feels once I’ve applied this stuff – it’s amazing. And, it doesn’t feel [or look] the least bit greasy.

The Skin Tint is just that – a tint, not a foundation. If you’re looking for something with a lot of coverage, then maybe this isn’t for you . . . although, I have always been a medium to full coverage kind of girl, and I have slowly converted myself to liking products of a lighter, more glow-y variety. Its consistency is fairly watery, but not in a greasy, SPF or [some kinds of] BB cream kind of way. Like the moisturizer, this product blends into skin seamlessly and leaves no trace of weird film or tacky texture behind. It feels like skin, and makes your skin look like skin, only better. It definitely evens tone, and takes away redness, however, I’ve had to pinpoint conceal in order to hide pesky blemishes. Aside from that, I’ve been wearing this sans-powder, and I love it.

The Balm Dotcom is a rather thick salve that I have been applying every morning either on its own, or before lipstick to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. I’d say its consistency is somewhere between vaseline and Dior’s Creme de Rose, but it lasts longer on my lips than either. As it gets colder outside I think this will be great for dry hands and cuticles.

Lastly, I have to mention the packaging – I am completely obsessed with the minimalist design. The white and pale pink is just really pleasing to look at, and although the materials look simple, the tubes themselves feel really substantial. Oh, and yes, the products do come with a sheet of fun, quirky stickers to decorate them with.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?




  1. October 20, 2014 / 7:32 pm

    Major packaging swoon!

    sounds great!

    • Morgan
      October 28, 2014 / 3:38 pm

      I have sensitive skin and the moisturizer is great! It really calms redness.

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