Surprising Moments with Marshalls


Fall is upon us – literally – today is the first official day of the fall season. In addition to making me feel like I can finally order all the pumpkin things without looking insane, the start of fall also makes me want to run out and buy 50 new sweaters and pairs of boots.

The problem with this, though, is that I cannot actually go out and buy a new wardrobe – on a limited budget, you guys. This is where Marshalls comes in. I’ve always relied on Marshalls to 1. find incredible deals, and 2. be able to pick up a few new pieces, rather than being able to only purchase one sweater or top elsewhere. My favorite surprise moment at Marshalls happened a couple years back – I was shopping for fall [obviously, my favorite season], and stumbled upon a Theory Dress AND a Theory cashmere sweater; both were about a fourth of their respective original prices, and I still get a ton of wear out of them.

What am I on the hunt for this season? Oversized sweaters, lace-up blouses, and, of course, the perfect black boot.

What has been your favorite Marshalls find?

*This post has been sponsored by Marshalls. All opinions are my own.


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