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Glossier has impressed me over and over again with each and every new product launch. A couple years ago, it was the Perfecting Skin Tint, Balm Dot Com, and Priming Moisturizer that won be over and quickly became part of my everyday routine. Next, came the Moisturizing Moon Mask, which literally saved my reptile-like skin this past winter. Boy Brow turned my three step brow routine into one simple brush-through, and, more recently, I fell head over heels for Stretch Concealer and Generation G lipstick – both of which never leave my handbag.

Nowwww, we have Haloscope in Quartz, and Rose Balm Dot Com. Another two Glossier products that have permanent places in my top shelf, and, like most Glossier products I own, are used every. single. day.

Let’s talk Haloscope – holy freaking cow, you guys. At first I was like, OK, I get it, highlighters and being super glow-y is IN – I have boat loads already, do I really need another? Yes, ladies in gentlemen. The answer is yes. The effect Quartz provides is truly unlike that of any product I own. It catches the light so, so beautifully, and adds a gorgeous dewy sheen with a slight hint of a kind of pale rose-silver shimmer. I apply it basically all over my face – tops of cheekbones [cheeks on fleek guys, CHEEKS ON FLEEK], brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow…. like I said, everywhere. It never seems to be too much – the shimmer is so fine, so subtle – no one will mistake you for a disco ball. I’m obsessed with with how much it emphasizes my cheeks while still looking super natural.

Ok, phew, onto Rose Balm Dot Com. I’m crazy about the soft rose scent, and the very pale pink color that gives my lips a very sheer baby pink color. As with the other Balm Dot Coms I own [the OG, and Coconut flavors], it’s a very thick consistency that keeps my lips looking smooth and feeling hydrated all day long. If my lips are feeling more chapped than usual, I’ll apply some at night as well, and wake up with them feeling soft af.

Now…what products do you love from Glossier? Any predictions for their next launch? I’m hoping for either a cream blush or eyeshadow situation, or, perhaps a lip gloss/stain? Whatever they come out with next – I’m on board.


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