For The All Day Affair

It’s hot out. Really, uncomfortably hot – and we’re not even half way through June. Summer in New York, where the temperature goes from 65 to 90 with no warning. This past Saturday I was sitting at the beach, it was windy, and I thought “I wish it were hot out.” Yeah. I was mistaken.

Back to the point of this post – I have a few upcoming parties/gatherings that will 1. be outside, and 2. most likely last from the early afternoon, through the evening. I don’t want my makeup to look like melted candle wax at sundown. At the same time, though, I’d like to take advantage of any natural dewy-ness that’s going on.

A couple of things to bring along for touch-ups – Clean & Clear blotting papers – these will soak up shine/oil, without making you look cake-y. If you feel like you need a little more coverage halfway through the day, bring a good concealer – I love the It Cosmetics formula. Blends well, is decently thick so you don’t need a ton, and it stays put. Take a very tiny dot and gently pat it onto any areas where you need some help.

Onto the makeup portion of the show. I’m thinking of keeping things supes simple for daytime. Really blend a medium coverage, long-lasting foundation with SPF onto my face – Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is perfect for long days, in my opinion. Use a favorite bronzer – I’m currently re-using a long-time love from Tom Ford. Rather than contour, I’ll apply where the sun naturally hits – cheeks, forehead, across the nose. Finish the cheeks off with a coral bronzer + natural highlight – Coral Nymph from Le Metier de Beaute and Haloscope in Quartz from Glossier are my picks. Keep eyes and lips simple – a little glow on the center of lids w/ Quartz [multi-use products!], and loads of mascara, and an easy nude lip from the Estee Edit In The Flesh.

To amp things up for night [after blotting/spot concealing], add a little more cream blush to the cheekies, and smoke out the eyes with a bronze-y-gold liner, like Mac’s Powersurge. A liner like this doesn’t have to be precise – roughly draw on the upper lash line and blend out with a finger, and apply to the water line. Last, and certainly not least, pop on your favorite gloss – I’ll be going with Glossier’s Lip Gloss, a non-sticky, long-wearing shimmerless gloss with a slight pink tinge.

Do you have any outdoor events coming up? How do you plan to take your makeup from day to night?


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  1. June 13, 2017 / 1:12 pm

    I’m so excited for the new cake glossier…
    I think I’ll have to pick up that bronzer and cream blush. It’s necessary, right?…

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