Banishing Blemishes: Muddling Through Your Options

No one can have perfect skin all the time. Even if your skin is usually in good condition, you can find that you have to deal with the occasional blemish or imperfection. Some imperfections, such as acne scars, can stick around for years without fading, while others, such as large pores or blackheads, might be gone in a week. Although skin blemishes and imperfections are a fact of life, it doesn’t mean you can’t tackle them. I know that you can feel less confident if you’ve got a great big pimple or a scar you don’t like. Finding ways to cover up or even get rid of these problems can help you feel good again.

However, figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be pretty tough. There seem to be so many products and treatments that claim to be able to fix all your skin problems. Some of them are expensive and would be a huge waste of money if they don’t work. And then there are the natural products you can supposedly make yourself, but often end up just being a big mess. To work out what can help you and what can’t, you have to consider your options carefully.

Preventing Imperfections

I know it’s a cliche, but prevention really is better than cure. It’s often better to prevent blemishes and imperfections to your skin than it is to try and get rid of them once they appear. You might have already guessed, but taking good care of your skin is a good way to avoid problems in the future. For example, trying not to get too much sun on your face helps to prevent sun damage, which can have an aging effect on your skin. Another thing to consider is how to handle a spot or acne blemish when you do have one. Dealing with it too aggressively could turn it into a scar and damage your skin further.


If you do get a blemish or have some kind of imperfection on your skin, your first instinct is often to cover it up. I know the feeling of it seeming like there’s a big neon sign pointing to your face, when really most people can barely notice anything. Even if it’s not really noticeable to others, it can be on your mind if you don’t do something about it. Sometimes, though, covering up only makes it more noticeable. If you’re trying to cover something, it’s a good idea to use a few different colors and not just a concealer that matches your skin. For example, you can use green to neutralize a red spot, then cover it with concealer after.

Laser and Light Therapy at Home

There are so many ways to treat blemishes and imperfections, many of which start in salons and beauty clinics. But before long, lots of treatments become available at home. This is extremely useful for dealing with everyday blemishes because you don’t want to make an appointment with a dermatologist or beauty therapist every time you feel a pimple coming on. One type of treatment you can now use at home is laser therapy, although it’s obviously on a much smaller scale than professional treatment. Items like the Me Clear Anti-Blemish Device use light therapy to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Creams, Lotions, and Serums

You’re perhaps a bit more likely to turn to lotions and creams to deal with blemishes at home. I have a collection of products intended for either hiding or getting rid of imperfections. It can be tough to find products that work when there are so many that claim to be the magic cure. Whether you want to get rid of spots, wrinkles, scars, sun damage or something else, you’re sure to find a product for it. That makes working out which ones work very difficult. Some of them do, and some don’t, some seem to work for a few people but not for others. One good thing to do is to look for active ingredients that have been proven to have a real effect.


Microdermabrasion is another salon treatment that has made its way into people’s homes. The treatment exfoliates your skin to remove the top layer, which helps to get rid of imperfections. It can be pretty expensive to have done in salons, which is why more people are starting to do it at home. Products like the Microderm MD diamond tip machine mean you can perform microdermabrasion in your own home. When it comes to effective methods of giving you smoother skin, microdermabrasion is up there with one of the top choices. However, people often have doubts about doing salon treatments at home. I’ve looked at some reviews for at-home machines, and they seem to be pretty effective. They do require an initial investment, though.

Chemical Peels

There’s also the option of chemical peels if you’re looking for a highly effective way of dealing with blemishes and imperfections. This is yet another treatment that you can now do at home, but I would be a bit wary of using chemical peels you’ve bought yourself. They tend to be not as strong as what you can find in a salon, but there’s still the potential for something going wrong. If you want to have a chemical peel, booking into a beauty salon or dermatologist’s clinic might be best.

Natural Remedies for Blemishes and Imperfections

Some people prefer a more natural approach to looking after their skin. Sometimes this can be a good approach to take, but other times it means you end up using supposed remedies that don’t really have any effect. Starting with prevention is a good idea if you want to keep things natural. But you might also want to explore some solutions for blemishes and imperfections. There are lots of natural ingredients and methods that are widely regarded as being effective. For example, applying ice to swelling and redness can help to calm it. Aloe vera is often used to get rid of blemishes, as well as being good for sunburn.

With so many options out there for treating blemishes and imperfections, I know it’s hard to make the right choices. But if you’re careful about what you buy, you can find effective treatments.


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    Love this post! So many people give up after their face wash doesn’t work for them, but there are definitely alternatives! xx

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