Are Beauty Rituals Doing You More Harm Than Good?

We all like to think that natural beauty is as simple as it sounds. However, many of us are fearful that if we stop using certain products or stop certain rituals, we are dooming ourselves. Our skin will immediately sag, we’ll sprout double the split ends, and we look about ten years older. However, the truth is that some of your beauty rituals might actually be accomplishing the exact opposite of what you want.

Love your morning face

What if someone told you that you could shave 15-20 minutes off the morning and stay in bed that bit longer? Well, you can. All because you might be doing something that’s not only unnecessary but ultimately harmful. A little makeup in the morning isn’t terrible, but the whole process of cleansing your face with products is. We wake up with natural oils on our face that keep it hydrated and healthy. Washing them away entirely will dry out your skin and make you much more prone to spots and rashes, exactly the kind of thing that most women cleanse their face to avoid.

Self-sabotaging your skin?

There are a lot of skincare products that just aren’t fit for market when you think about it. One factor that should be prioritized at all times is helping skin stay hydrated. Keep on the lookout for ingredients like urea, glycerin, and ceramides. If they’re not featured, you might be applying something that will cause wrinkles and spots. There’s more to worry about besides dry skin, however. Are you allergic to some of your skincare ingredients? You need to start measuring skin reactions to the products you use and start learning the ingredients to avoid.

What’s on your head?

Then there are some ingredients that are just worth avoiding entirely. It’s one of the reasons that many choose to stick to natural beauty products instead. There are some you should avoid simply because health product companies don’t actually tell you what they are, such as synthetic colorings and fragrances. What is the best natural hair product that can help you avoid those overly long ingredients lists? Some alternatives like Argan oil and shea butter have proven benefits that might be worth trying instead. If you don’t know exactly what you’re putting on your head, maybe it’s time to stop and look up those ingredients.

Don’t start a war

If your ritual has you combining all kinds of skincare products and applying a few different layers of makeup, you have to be aware of the potential consequences. In particular, there are some ingredients that can counteract one another. Lactic acid based exfoliates might interact with retinol, for instance, which can end up leaving your skin red, painful, and peeling. Probably not what you want from your skincare ritual.

The next time you catch a bit of beauty advice that looks good to you, make sure you do a little research. Better understanding your own skin, your hair, and the other things you use to help them can make sure you keep your rituals healthy.



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  1. July 16, 2017 / 7:54 pm

    Great advice, it is amazing how a product can make my face erupt I get scared to try anything new

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