Uncover Your Fountain Of Youth In 10 Lessons

All your life you try to fight the natural aging process. With our long life expectancy, it’s inevitable to want to stay young for longer. After all: who wants to look and feel old for longer? There is no gain in this. If science and social well-being have enabled people to enjoy longer lives, it seems obvious that you should want your life to be fuller. Living longer, yes, but not if you can’t find the secret to staying young forever.. .or at least for as long as you can. Staying young at heart and in your body doesn’t mean that you will look 20 forever. Instead, it means that you can enjoy going through life with a strong and fit body that doesn’t lose its functions as it ages. But your body is a complex engine. It combines your emotional status, your cognitive abilities, and your physical health. It’s a lot to take care of, but it’s possible. Here’s the secret to the Fountain of Youth in 10 lessons.

#1. Take Care Of Your Skin

Your skin is your only external organ. Consequently, your skin appearance reflects on your health and the influence of external factors, such as cold or pollution. Having a great skin is, therefore, a battle of every day! But there are a few tips that can help you to manage your skin health through time. First of all, it’s important to remember that what you eat will impact on what your skin looks like. If you are addicted to junk food, it’s likely that the excess in fat and sugar will generate an oily and bland skin. You need to be looking for healthy mineral and vitamin intakes. But that’s not all! Your skin needs protection from the sun and the weather conditions that can cause harmful effects. Lack of protection can lead to serious skin diseases and premature aging. Remember that a youthful looking skin is a healthy skin. That is the first secret of the Fountain of Youth.

#2. Check For Hormonal Imbalances

There is, unfortunately, a natural period that marks the aging of the female body and that is called menopause. Menopause marks a hormonal imbalance that occurs and causes disruptions of normal body functions. While you can’t stop menopause from happening, what you can do is learn how to manage it so that you help your body going through the hormonal changes as smoothly as possible. Some of the most common effects of the menopause are a decreased libido and hair thinning. Dryness, itchiness and abnormal discharge are visible symptoms of this period for women. It is only natural to suffer from a decreased libido. However, these vaginal symptoms can be easily corrected with a physical exam and the help of an estrogen cream. When it comes to hair thinning, using hair thickening solutions, including the SureThik hair thickening fibers, can provide great support in combination with a bioidentical estrogen treatment. Keeping a head full of healthy-looking hair is key to maintain a youthful appearance, even with gray hair.  

#3. Keep An Active Lifestyle

There is no denying it: If you want your body to continue to fulfil its natural function in old age, you need to make sure that it is strong and fit. To put it simply, the couch potato lifestyle will not be of any support to maintain your youthful look. With age, your body firmness reduces, and some bits and bobs begin to sag. It’s never pretty, but it’s a perfectly normal part of growing older. However, if you don’t maintain your body in a good and healthy shape, you’re likely to experience sagging at a young age. Maintaining an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you need to visit the gym every single day. As a rule of the thumb, scientists believe that you need a minimum of 30 minutes per day of physical activity. However, you can combine this into one hour every other day, for example. What matters is that you need to exercise regularly to keep the blood and oxygen flow circulating throughout your body. Additionally, a fitness activity keeps your heart strong and your muscles active, so that you can grow old and healthy. Health is at the core of the Fountain of Youth.

#4. Say No To Stress

Stress can affect your mood and your body in a variety of ways. In fact, stress is more than a disturbance. It is also a modern killer, who can cause serious heart diseases, diabetes, and even mental disorders such as depression. But stress also drains your energy and damages your cells. It’s no wonder that people who experience stressful situations look bad: Stress makes you look older. So you need to learn to relax if you want to live a long and youthful life. It’s not about building a thick skin that becomes stress-resilient, but it is about building up the ability to relax whenever you need to. A cup of green tea, for instance, is a good idea, as it is naturally rich in L-theanine, which helps to relieve anger. If you need something sweet instead, why not nibble on a square of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can regulate the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and stabilize your mood and your metabolism.

#5. Give Your Body The Right Nutrients

Your body is a machine that you need to fuel with the right kind of stuff if you want to make sure that it can work for longer. You probably knew that processed foods and sugary treats were not good for your waistline. But did you think that they were causing premature aging too? Indeed, when your body doesn’t receive the energy it needs to fulfill its natural function, you look older. What are the essential nutrients?  First of all, you need natural protein to support cell growth and muscle strength. Iron and zinc are two essential minerals that go hand in hand to support the body processes. Magnesium and calcium also go together as you need one to control the way the body uses the other. Iodine, a commonly forgotten mineral helps the body maintain its hormonal balance. Vitamin B12 supports the production of red blood cells and help replicate your DNA for cell growth. Finally, fatty acids such as omega-3 help maintaining the whole machine in a tip top condition!

#6. Find Your Passion

A life without passion is no life at all. Indeed, you need to find a reason to want to get up in the morning and want to create something new. Passion is at the core of your motivation to improve your skills – whichever skills, whether you want to become a better programmer or a more flexible dancer – and to become a better person. Without passion, there is no desire to stay alive, to put it in strong terms. Finding something you are passionate about – or several things – is what will keep your mind active and your life fire burning.  Here’s a tip for you: In very rare cases, your passion is also your work. More often than not, people work for a living because they need to. Their passion is what keeps them excited about the weekend.

#7. Spend Time In Nature

Spending time in nature is beneficial, not only for your current mood but also for the development of new ways of thinking and feeling. Indeed, a simple walk in the forest trains you to become more attentive to the sounds of birds, the smells of the leaves and the coolness of the shadows. A multi-sensory world keeps your mind active and helps you to become more creative too. Additionally, nature is about renewal. The more time you spend in it, the more you can connect with the way your own body renews parts of itself. And hasn’t renewal to do with staying young?

#8. Cultivate Your Sense Of Humor

Laughing is healthy. Scientists believe that a good sense of humor can protect your mind from premature aging. Indeed, as you develop a sense of what is funny around you, you naturally exercise your mind to continue to find funny things to laugh about wherever you go. Additionally, laughing is a great remedy for stress. The more you laugh, the happier you feel about your life. And just like stress makes you look older, laughing makes you look and feel younger.

#9. Spend Time With Those You Love

A lonely life is not a life worth living. Consequently, you need to spend time with those you cherish, whether friends or relatives, to make the most of it. Keeping an active social life is at the core of building a solid bubble of happiness in your life. The social bubble keeps you feel happy, and as youth goes, happiness is a quality of the young people.

#10. Treat Yourself From Time To Time

The last secret of our Fountain of Youth is to enjoy life. Life needs to be fun. So it’s your duty to make it enjoyable, even when you are struggling with a difficult situation. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, get the credit card smoking at the shopping center, or simply have a slice of your favorite cake. A life of joy is a life of youth.


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