The Skinny On Your Glowing Complexion

If there’s one thing that we women strive for, it’s flawless skin. The many magazines and social media messages that tell us how to achieve this can often be conflicting and confusing. Add to that the many different skin types that are in the world, and you have a recipe for trial and error when it comes to choosing what is best for your skin. Skin with that beautiful glow and pore-less look is so hard to achieve. However, with a little research and a lot of experimenting, you can find your perfect glow. Every article you read will talk about sleeping a full eight hours each night, the merits of a balanced diet and enhancing your inner goddess. Unfortunately, these don’t solve the dull and dry skin issue!

There are so many reasons your skin doesn’t beam, but there are also so many ways to fix those issues, from an apple a day to studying a guide to facial steamers you could buy to help you solve the problem. We’ve put together for you some common skin issues as well as what you could do to fix each one, in the hopes you can find your Holy Grail!

  1. Dead skin cells? Don’t panic. We shed hundreds of skin cells every single day, so that ashy tint on your face is probably that! However, you can actively help yourself here. Like with the shelves at home, dust will build up if you do not clean them often enough. Rather than dig out the furniture polish, you need to get yourself a wonderful facial scrub which will work for sensitive skin. This will clear away all the dead skin cells and give your face a shine.
  2. Did you ever consider that air pollution was a cause for bad skin? Depending on the area you live in, badly polluted air can really have an effect on your skin. Tiny particles of dirt will embed in the lines in your face and will cause more wrinkles. Washing your face every night with a good face wash, patting dry with a soft towel and using a SPF-laden moisturiser will really help!
  3. Stress is another factor of bad skin, but this one is rather a catch-22. Bad skin can cause stress, which causes bad skin. See the cycle? You need to be able to destress your daily life to improve your skin, and being told to relax won’t help! Sweating out the stress with a good workout at the gym will be a wonderful help to you, as would a facial massage. The aim of the game is to lower the cortisol levels in your bloodstream and pull that stress quite literally away from your face. You can learn here how to give yourself a facial massage.

The skin on your face is the most exposed next to your hands and you have to take every care to ensue you don’t look aged or haggard before your time! Get the skinny on your complexion and try and fix those issues ASAP.


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