How To Get The Best Out Of Your Lipstick

Lipstick is a very serious business! It’s not a matter of just slathering on the latest shade as you run out the door. In fact, you have to give it the time and attention that it deserves for it to stay on day and look its best. Luckily, I’m here to help you with this. All you need to do is read the quick guide below on how to get the best out of your lipstick.  


The number one thing to do is to make sure that you prepare your lips properly for applying your favorite shade. To do this, they will first need to be exfoliated to remove any dry and dead skin. Leaving them looking as lush and full as possible. There are plenty of exfoliators out there on the market, like the Sugar Scrub stick available from, as well various cheaper balms from other brands too. Although, if you are in a jam you can always use a dry toothbrush to do the job as well.

Then line with a clear lip liner, as this will stop any shade you apply from feathering outside of the lip area. Using a clear liner also mean that your look isn’t too dramatic. So it works really well for the day, or for a casual evening look when used with nude tones. So, by buffing and lining your lips in the way described above, you will give them the best preparation to look great and last for ages.


The next stage is obviously to apply your lipstick, but before you do you have to consider the shade that you will wear. You might think that it’s just a matter of fashion and choose whatever tone is on trend right now. However, you should also consider how that tone works with your coloring and against your teeth.  This is because lipsticks with orange bases are likely to make teeth look yellower, while one with blue bases with make them seem whiter.

Of course, if you just have to model that latest shade, there is something you can do. That is to treat your teeth with a whitening product. Check out the guide at sites like to see whether gels, strips or a homemade option will be best for you. Then you can pretty much wear any shade you like and still have a vibrant smile.


Lastly, to get that all day wear that we so covet, you must seal your lips. There is a choice of ways on how to do this, and it’s best to give a few a go to see which one works best for you.

One way is to use a lipstick that comes with a moisturizing topcoat that keeps the color on your lips for a long time. Another option is to use a brush on sealer like Lipcoat and Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper, as these will form a protective barrier over your lips. Making it much harder for the shade to rub off when you eat, drink, and even kiss. That is why if you ask me how to get the best out of my lipstick, I will always say: “My lips are sealed!”



  1. August 7, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Excellent advice! My lips get flakey easily, I always need to exfoliate lol.

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