I started listening to “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” the other day, a podcast by, you guessed it, writer Gretchen Rubin, creator of The Happiness Project, and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, TV writer based in LA. In addition to energizing me to perform little things each day to be a little happier, a little more positive, the podcast has encouraged me to dive deeper into things I love. Instead of getting home from the gym exhausted and not all excited to do much else aside from throwing myself on the couch and watching It’s Always Sunny repeats [OK, this show will always make me happy], I’ve decided to do more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to attempt to tackle entire projects each night. Rather, I want to accomplish at least one thing, even if it’s teensy, each day.

What type of things, you ask? Well, from something as small as writing down one positive thing about that day in a journal, to as big as logging into Babble [come stai?], or filming a YouTube video [yes! I have uploaded two videos thus far – cut me a small break on quality, baby steps. Improvements coming in the near future].

Here are more ideas to help you achieve a happier state – yes, everyday. Even on Mondays.

  • Make your bed. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. If all else fails, at least you’ve started your day with one small accomplishment.
  • Do 10 jumping jacks [thanks, Happier Cast!]. A little boost of energy, and I’m thinking at least some kind of endorphin release. I find this really helps when I’ve been slumped over in front of a computer screen for hours.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Partner up with a friend or two, and vow to message each other at least one happy thing that happened. Daily or weekly basis – I think both are great ideas.
  • Read. I. freaking. love. to. read. BUT, I have been reading one book the entire summer, and I’m only 116 pages in. That’s sad, guys. It could be because the writing is a little complex, and I have a ton going on in my mind so it’s harder for me to digest at the moment. Again, Gretchen Rubin had the genius idea of picking up a children’s book. Not necessarily going Green Eggs and Ham, here. Harry Potter would definitely do. Something to stimulate the mind, and, help to escape adulthood for an hour at the end of the day.
  • Write! Yes. Something I should be doing much more of on here. Also, something I should be doing outside of blogging in order to help the creative juices, as they say.
  • Reach out. At almost 30, I know how hard it can be to keep friendships alive, especially when they are all over the place [hi Chelsea in Germany], and just as, if not more busy than I am. Why not buy a good old fashion card [Target has the sweetest brands] and send one to a friend you haven’t been able to catch up with recently.
  • Take a little technology break and do literally anything that doesn’t involve technology. Take a walk by yourself, with a pet, with a significant other, and ditch the phone. Cook/bake, and eat without looking at your phone. It’s refreshing, and I have absolutely been spending far too much time staring at my screen.

Let me know your tips + tricks to be more positive, and if you already do any of the above!

*Also, huge thanks to Donnabella hair for the gorgeous extensions I’m wearing in the above photo. Real life princess locks.


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