Fall Goals, Drawing Inspiration, Staying Present

We’re getting to the end of September here, but it definitely still feels like mid-summer outside. How am I supposed to wear sweaters and booties and dark vampy lips [hi, Nars Liv] in 80 degree weather? #thestruggle.

The past two years couldn’t be more different for me. This last year was one of the best of my life, and the one before that, well, was one of the worst. SO many great things to be thankful for these past twelve months; I feel like what fell apart was put back together, and then some. After having reached milestones I worked towards for so long, and finally feeling at home and truly content in New York, I sometimes find myself thinking too much about the future – what else is in store? How fast can I reach the next goal I set? This is why my first fall goal is to RELAX, take a step back. Enjoy now. Set goals (obviously, what I am literally doing right now), but don’t let the thought of that take me out of the present.

Sort of along the same lines as relaxing and being present – No. 2 is to be patient. I’ve graduated from law school, I’ve passed the bar, and now I’m like, ok, moving on? When will I feel free of loans? How soon can I start saving to buy a house? Patience is something I struggle with, and have for as long as I can remember. What can I do to help myself with this personal challenge? Like I’ve written before, write out a few things I am thankful for everyday. Meditate for a few minutes [something I have said I’d start, but haven’t yet]. Continue to listen to podcasts like Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and 10% Happier with Harris. Be proactive about what I want to happen, and where I want my life to go, but don’t let it consume my every thought.

My third and final fall goal [for now] is something that I know makes me happy, and, will help with the overarching goal of being more thrifty [aka, stop spending money on food everyday]: cook more. Two times per week is what I’ll strive for – on Sunday, and one day during the week. I’ve already come up with a short list of things to bake/crock/stir fry up – frittatas for lunch, protein muffins for breakfast, turkey chili for dinner. Love. Fall. Cooking.

I know this list is short, but something I’ve learned about setting goals is that you have to make them manageable. So, three I can do. Three isn’t overwhelming, or an unreachable figure. I’ll check in with a follow-up post to let you guys know how it’s going, and share more happiness/patience tips and tricks along the way.

Have you set any goals for yourself recently? I’d love to know!



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