To Laser or Not to Laser?

For years, a face lift was the only option if you were looking to tighten your skins’ appearance, or reduce wrinkles. Such a surgery comes with great expense, inconvenience, and risk, though. Now, a new option is on the horizon: laser treatment. Lasers are capable of tightening and treating wrinkles, and this procedure is a more affordable, less invasive option than surgery. 

In order to understand why laser treatment might be a good choice for you it is important to first understand your skin. Collagen is one of the primary substances that gives skin its tight, smooth appearance. However, collagen can be damaged or destroyed by such things as sun or chemical exposure, as well as the natural passage of time. Existing collagen molecules can also separate from each other, causing your skin to loosen.

Two Ways Lasers Help With Collagen in Your Skin Cells

There are two ways in which lasers are capable of helping you tighten your skin by influencing your collagen distribution. First, laser treatments can heat your skin cells. If you take advantage of the aesthetic laser option for skincare you will soon discover that as the laser passes over your skin heating the cells it will cause your existing collagen to contract, or squeeze together. That will make the skin tighten up a bit. Second, lasers can actually get your body to make more collagen. As the new collagen is sent to the cells it will help to tighten and revitalize them.

Preparing Your Skin to be Treated with Lasers

If you decide on laser treatment, you must take proper care of your skin leading up to the procedure. You should avoid tanning or exposing your skin to too much sun for up to two weeks before your appointment. You should also do the same after your appointment because your skin will be sensitive to radiation and heat for a while once the appointment is over.

In addition to staying out of the sun and tanning booths before your appointment you should arrive at your appointment with clean, dry skin. The application of perfumes and lotions prior to your appointment can be a health risks because the lasers can super heat such products, burning your skin. Therefore, if you forget to arrive with clean, dry skin your appointment may need to be rescheduled. However, even if your skin appears clean and dry the technician will clean and sterilize the area prior to the start of your laser skin tightening treatment.

Advantages of Treatment with Lasers Versus Surgery

The biggest advantages of laser treatment versus surgery are cost and convenience. Laser treatments typically cost between $500 and $3,500 per session, but that is considerably less than surgery would cost you. Additionally, a laser treatment can be done in about an hour, without anaesthesia, and with no overnight hospital stay. Your skin will just be treated with a topical cream in order to numb the surface.

Reaping the Rewards of Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

Before you have laser treatment, be aware that you may not see immediate rewards from a single procedure. It takes time for collagen production to increase and existing collagen to tighten, however, you should see results after a few appointments.

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